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Follow your case through our step-by-step guide , using accredited procedures and templates to reach the appropriate conclusion to any case you and your team may face.

People Flo?

At the end of 2023's financial year, the UK government reported 477,000 outstanding employment tribunal cases.

According to the British Chamber Of Commerce, the average cost of an employment tribunal claim is around £8,500.

We ensure that correct company policies and procedures are followed to protect your business at all times.

Built to perform

People Flo offers effective and consistent Employee Relations information and guidance for your Business and its leaders, all in a virtual format.

Examples Of What we do...

Performance Management
Identifying the training and support you need to get your team to their best and how to do so.
Disciplinary Management
Resolve issues, follow company protocol, and manage the matter step by step from start to finish.
Grievance  Management
From the raising of the matter to the closing of the matter, any investigation materials are included along the way.
Absence  Management
Ensure your teams are both protected and on occasion, managed through consistent Absence approaches and consultation.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Andrew Ford
“To ensure my business is following a proven journey through ER matters is very reassuring. My team has grown dramatically in confidence.”
Katy Anderson
“ER can be so complex. For my team to be able to follow a professional map through matters saves huge amounts of time and money”
Victoria Walsh
“I can’t imagine going back to our old ways, the time and cost saved in staff training alone was incredible."

Why choose us?

Beginner Friendly
Our supportive framework equips your business to confidently navigate and overcome any potential case even without prior experience.
24/7 Accessibility
Our online support ensures your business is protected when handling any ER case - no matter where or when it arises.
Improved efficiency
Streamline your processes, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience for both your team and your business, saving you time and money.
Whether equipping you with the foundations or integrating your existing ER infrastructure - We tailor to serve your business needs.
Breed confidence within your teams, ensuring positive working relationships whilst protecting your business.
All-in-one solution
Access our intuitive guide, letters, templates, and tutorials directly from your personal dashboard.

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